‘Women write and publish your poems’- Ms. Rohlehr

Written by on March 22, 2023

Mrs Gem Rohlehr-Vogt, an English Teacher, Musician, and Poet made her inaugural appearance on the Women EmPOWERment programme last evening to share her vast knowledge of poetry in observance of World Poetry Day 2023.

“Miss Rohlehr” as she is widely known across Guyana, said during her more than five decades of teaching and learning, she observed significant changes in poetry, owing to many developments in language. She emphasised the significance of poetry, stating that it was the genre that people concentrated on Before Christ (BC), and many books in the Bible were written in poetry. She highlighted that poetry has existed long before prose and that it is written in an unfamiliar way in terms of order and structure, making it difficult for some individuals.

Speaking about some of the challenges she has faced while teaching poetry, she said students often grapple with rhythm particularly if they lack a musical background.

Miss Rohlehr also discussed her life and how she became a teacher despite her parents’ initial desire for her to pursue a career in the medical field. She stressed the importance of literature and reading in those days, stating that literature was a crucial subject that required knowledge of matters outside of one’s own country, following the British style of things.

During the programme, Martina Johnson (host) read her a poem titled “Her Bookshelf of a Heart,” which was written by her co-host, Ramona Luthi.

Her Bookshelf Of A Heart written by Romona Luthi

Miss Rohlehr commended the poem for its use of literary devices, knowledge, and experience, and encouraged Luthi to publish her work.

She said there are very few women who publish their poetry, particularly in Guyana, and she advised individuals who are hesitant to write and publish their work to do so as readers benefit greatly from analyzing poetry and can bring their perception and understanding to it.

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