Women Empowerment: Celebrating Remarkable Women Leaders

Written by on April 24, 2024

Last night, the Women Empowerment Program, hosted by Ramona Luthi and Martina Johnson, featured two exceptional winners of the 25 Influential Women Leaders Awards 2024 who shared their inspiring stories of volunteerism and community development.

Madam Rhondel Weever and Gwyneth George were the esteemed interviewees.

Ramona Luthi (Left), Gwyneth George (Center-Left), Rhondel Weever (Center-Right), , Martina Johnson (Right)

Weever spoke passionately about her commitment to empowering children and youths to lead purposeful lives, drawing inspiration from her experience as a Magistrate in Berbice. Despite serving in a different district now, she continues to address similar issues and challenges. Through the We Care Learning and Resource Hub under the Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship (Church), she, along with volunteers and sponsors, has been providing invaluable support and services to countless children and families, making a lasting impact on their lives throughout the year.

Similarly, Gwyneth George, the esteemed Chief Librarian at the University of Guyana, has made significant contributions to both university administration and students. Her dedication to excellence earned her recognition with the prestigious Golden Arrow of Achievement, highlighting her exceptional work at a national level. She has spearheaded projects such as establishing online library services for university students, enabling easy access to books, research papers, and study materials. Additionally, she has led summer education programs for children as young as three years old up to age 18, emphasizing the importance of reading from an early age.

The stories of these two remarkable women exemplify leadership, compassion, and empowerment, inspiring others to strive for greatness in their endeavours.

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In case you missed it, click the link below to access their insightful interview and be inspired by their incredible journeys!


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