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Written by on April 12, 2024

UG Hosts Exclusive Music Masterclass with Internationally Acclaimed Musician, Reggie Pittman.

Award-winning Jazz Musician Reggie Pittman hosted an exclusive Music Masterclass at the University of Guyana in collaboration with the Artist in Residence Program on Tuesday 9th April, 2024. The event brought together musicians from the Guyana Police Force Band, The Hamilton Family Band, other musicians, singers, music educators and music enthusiasts. It was an opportunity for them to gain more knowledge and improve their craft.

Reginald “Reggie” Pittman is an accomplished Jazz, R&B and Gospel musician. He plays the trumpet, flugelhorn and the piano. Pittman is also a singer, audio engineer and producer. He first recognised his musical talent in the ninth grade during a music class. This particular class took the form of a concert and, according to Pittman, during the remaining ten minutes of the period, he and a classmate performed “Hollywood Swinging” by Kool and the Gang. After the performance, he thought, “being this musician might be okay,” and from then on, his appetite for music grew.

Reggie Pittman

Pittman’s love for Jazz music, however, came some years later. It was the “rhythmic intricacies and melodic flows” that sparked his fascination with the genre. He explained, “I gravitated towards Jazz  because [it] was the hardest thing for me to play. I could play Classical music. I could play Rhythm and Blues. I could play Gospel music. But every time I tried to play Jazz, I found the learning curve to be quite difficult.” Determined to master the genre, Pittman studied Jazz and learned from musicians like Eddie Bacchus and Ace Carter.

Among Pittman’s most notable achievements are his Grammy Award with Lionel Hampton, a Grammy Nomination for Babyface’s hit single “For the Cool in You” and his Solo performance with Duke Ellington’s band at the famous Carnegie Hall. He was also nominated for a Tony Award.

Pittman, who is in Guyana for the first time, led an exclusive masterclass for musicians at the University of Guyana in the Education Lecture Theatre (ELT). The event was put on by the Philanthropy, Alumni, Civic Engagement (PACE) Office’s Artist in Residence (AIR) Programme. During the session, Pittman listened to musical renditions by the attendees and offered his critique. He also answered their questions regarding music techniques, his career, personal life, and education.

Reggie Pittman presenting to the audience

Regarding his education, Pittman says that his tertiary education has afforded him more career opportunities. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Kent State University and a Master’s in Music Technology from New York University. He said, “the degrees allowed me to make money and to have a career in music where I just didn’t have to be a musician… I could do a number of things. I’m a performer, an educator and producer.” In fact, during the Covid-19 lockdown, Pittman, like most musicians, was unable to play at venues. But thanks to his formal education, he was able to earn an income by teaching online.

“I strongly suggest that you finish school because it broadens your perspective. It also broadens your opportunity for all of the things that you can do, because as you get older, it gets tougher to maintain a lifestyle of doing very well.”

– Reggie Pittman

In addition to his education, Pittman credits his work ethic and networking skills for his success as a musician. He explained, “It’s not about what style [of music] you choose but how well you do it. Work hard, develop good relationships. When the opportunity presents itself, be prepared.”


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