Road Safety Campaign Continues: GPF Condemns Recklessness

Written by on June 26, 2024

As traffic offences continue to pose significant risks to public safety, the conduct of all road users, especially drivers, is a major concern. From excessive speeding to the dangers of driving under the influence, these violations not only threaten the lives of individuals but also disrupt the well-being of our communities. The Guyana Police Force, through its Traffic Education Unit, is increasing its public awareness initiatives to combat these dangerous behaviours and promote responsible driving. Sergeant Richard Trotz of the Traffic Department delves into the urgent need for comprehensive measures to enhance road safety to protect all road users.


“Whether fueled by impatience, recklessness, or a false sense of invincibility, speeding poses a grave threat to all road users,” warns Sgt. Trotz. With each mile per hour above the limit, the risk of an accident escalates exponentially. Every driver must heed the posted speed limits, recognizing that the consequences of excessive speed far outweigh any perceived gains in time or convenience.

When drivers accelerate beyond safe limits, they have less time to react to unforeseen circumstances, increasing the likelihood of severe accidents. Thus, it is crucial to adhere to speed limits and recognize the value of safety over speed.

Driving under the Influence

The staggering toll of accidents caused by impaired driving underscores the importance of the GPF’s ongoing efforts to strongly enforce Driving under the Influence (DUI) laws and intensify public education campaigns aimed at curbing this deadly behaviour. Whether driving under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs, “intoxicated drivers not only compromise their own judgement and reflexes, but also endanger the lives of everyone around them,” says Sgt. Trotz.

Using Poorly Lit Roads

Poor lighting conditions make it difficult for drivers to detect hazards. “Inadequate lighting not only hampers visibility but also increases the likelihood of accidents, as drivers struggle to see any obstacles and pedestrians concealed in darkness,” Sgt. Trotz explains. Therefore, both drivers and pedestrians should remain vigilant and visible in low-light conditions to prevent accidents. To pedestrians, Sgt. Trotz advises, “It is important to wear bright colour clothing at night. So that the drivers can see you.”


Obstructing Traffic

Whether through double parking, improper lane usage, or other infractions, obstructing traffic disrupts the flow of vehicles and heightens the risk of collisions. According to Sgt. Trotz, “Such behaviour not only violates traffic regulations but also demonstrates a disregard for the safety and convenience of fellow road users.” Drivers must respect traffic regulations and exhibit courteous behaviour to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Addressing these and other traffic offences requires a multifaceted approach involving enforcement, education, and community engagement. However, even with the GPF’s heightened efforts, the commitment to road safety must be a collective effort, ensuring that every journey is undertaken with care and consideration for the lives of others.

Written by: Hillon Lacruz


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