‘More Than Worthy’- Simeon Browne

Written by on November 18, 2022

‘More Than Worthy’- Simeon Browne pays tribute to women in new song

(Story as published in Guyana Chronicles)

LOCAL singer, songwriter and content producer, Simeon Browne has released a song which reminds women that they are deserving of endless praise and admiration for all that they do.

The single, “More Than Worthy”, is now the official theme song for the Women Empowerment Programme which is hosted on EdYou FM.

The 30-year-old recently spoke to the BUZZ, and was clearly excited about his latest masterpiece, which has been getting a lot of positive reviews.

He explained that the song is a tribute to all women, particularly those he knows and those he came into contact with over the years.

Simeon explained that the song highlights some of the things people sometimes forget about women.

“So that is essentially what it is, an expression, a tribute honouring women the world over,” he said.

The process of creating the song took quite some time. He recalled that he began working on the song around 16:00 hours and concluded the process around 03:00 hours the following day.

The singer described the process as one that “meant the world” to him.

More Than Worthy album cover

“There was never really a break… I never stopped until it was finished, but I think it went smoothly because of the intention, the energy and just the goodwill for that kind of content and what it represented,” he said.

Speaking specifically about the line in the song that says: “More than worthy of moulding a nation,” Browne explained that this extends beyond just education.

He said that while women play an integral role in the education system, the words embrace the teaching of morals, values and life skills and the kinds of things that women do tirelessly without complaint.

Additionally, he mentioned that he believes that the words also represent the true essence of feminism.

Having it featured as the theme for such a programme is an honour for him.

“A show like the Women Empowerment Programme on EdYou FM presents feminism in its true and intended sense and I couldn’t be prouder to obviously have one of my songs be the theme for that,” he added.

Simeon, who also sits behind the scenes on the EdYou Fm platform, stated that the experience has been a great one as he has been able to witness the type of empowerment the show creates.

Meanwhile, he revealed to the Buzz that there is more to come as he is presently working on several projects.

The single is already on Spotify and YouTube.

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