Kato gets radio broadcast for the first time

Written by on October 3, 2022

Today residents of the North Pakaraimas are waking up to the music, entertainment, and information broadcasting live from NCERD’s EDYOU FM Kingston, Georgetown location.

Kato gets radio broadcast for the first time, strengthening its distance education thrust by ensuring that the same premium quality of education experienced on the coast of Guyana is delivered to the hinterland and riverine communities throughout Guyana.
Commenting on this groundbreaking development, the Acting Headteacher of Kato Primary, Ms Darlene Persaud, said, “Once we get enough radios, students would be able to listen to lessons daily in the dorms, with or without teachers, enjoy storytelling, listen to sensible music, etc. With limited internet access, even adults can learn and be entertained in the village, or farm, or even while traversing long lonely mountains, valleys and creeks.”
The resident graduate Cadet Officer attached to the Department of Education, Region #8, Ms Karen Abrahams, also expressed excitement and, in an invited comment, emphasised the importance of the scheduled content “What is especially interesting is the Literary Hour since teachers have a difficulty teaching this area. The radio broadcast will benefit both teachers and learners equally.”
Head of EDYOU FM, Mr Phillip Williams, says that “the Ministry of Education intends to provide more FM radio sets to the schools and even villagers later in the new year. “
EDYOU FM provides balanced entertainment and educational content and scheduled curriculum-driven student lessons.

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