EdYou FM launches virtual tour

Written by on April 19, 2023

The first quarter of 2023 saw EDYOU FM facilitating several schools on tour of its facility. As a result of the influx of schools desirous of visiting the radio station, EDYOU FM is proud to announce the introduction of its ‘Virtual Tour’ on the station’s website, www.edyou.fm, now available to anyone with access to the internet.

The Savvanah Park Nursery school during a recent tour at EdYou FM

The virtual tour is user-friendly and simply requires you to follow the instructional arrows by tapping on them to enter the premises. The opening image shows an aerial shot of NCERD’s compound, then zooms into the side of the compound that houses EDYOU FM & Guyana Learning Channel and the street – Battery Road – parallel to the building.

The arrows lead to the central waiting area of EDYOU FM followed by the general office space. All doors with virtual signs permit you to enter. You will then be directed through the hallway and into the studio. Here is where it gets even more exciting and interesting. On the walls of the inside of the studio are virtual posters of all our programmes. You can click on any of them for a closer and more detailed view, and throughout the tour, you can also hit the play button on your screen and listen to EDYOU FM’s live radio. The same steps taken to enter can be taken to exit the premises.

Cognizant of schools in remote locations, EDYOU FM decided to embark on this venture. It is our hope that communities with access to ICT Hubs recently established as part of the Office of the Prime Minister’s ICT Access & E-Services for Hinterland, Poor & Remote Communities Project, students will now be able to virtually tour EDYOU FM without having to leave their communities.
It is cost-efficient and provides for distance education and the distribution of equal and equitable educational opportunities to children across Guyana in keeping with the Ministry of Education’s mandate.

However, EDYOU FM, continues to facilitate schools interested in physical tours of its facility. You can view the full virtual tour at EDYOU FM Virtual Tour – EdYou.FM.



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