EdYou FM concludes Photography For Beginners Workshop

Written by on June 14, 2024

EdYou FM continues to support the Ministry of Education’s effort to improve the skill set of its staff by providing specialised training in different areas of interest. “EdYou FM wants to and has been pioneering training in a way that’s different from everybody else. We’re big on skills development and upskilling the competencies of our staff and the people around us,” says Phillip Williams, Head of the radio station. So far, EdYou FM has offered training in Radio Broadcasting, English Language for Spanish-speaking students, Conversational Spanish for English-Speakers, Increasing Self-Awareness Using the Personality Type, and most recently, Photography for Beginners.

The two-day Photography for Beginners workshop was hosted on the 12th and 14th, June 2024 at the National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD). The workshop, which was facilitated by photographer Dwayne Hackett, was attended by 78 staff from various units in the Ministry of Education.

Over the course of two days, Hackett demonstrated to the participants that advanced equipment is not a necessity for good photography. In fact, he emphasised that the best camera is the one that you have at the moment that you need to capture. Hence, his presentations focused primarily on taking photos using just your smartphone. The workshop also involved a practical photography session where participants took photos using their devices and Hackett offered his critique. He also provided the participants with a list of additional apps and tools that they could use to edit and improve the quality of their pictures. Hackett also covered the topic of Ethics in Photography especially as it relates to children. This session was relevant to the work of the Ministry of Education as it advised on how to publicise projects and events through photography without infringing on the rights of children and potentially exposing them to danger.

The Photography for Beginners workshop was aimed at empowering Ministry staff with basic photography skills so that they don’t have to depend solely on designated photographers or the Ministry’s central Public Relations Department. Some departments of the Ministry struggle to promote and publicise the work they are doing because they are not aware of how to maximise the tools available to them, namely their smartphones and social media.

While the central Public Relations Department does its part to showcase much of the Ministry’s work, Williams explained that “the PR Dept can only do so much. But if everybody can help to improve the quality of the images that are coming out of the department they can … reduce the work of the PR Department”. Thus, these basic photography skills will enable the departments to share information on social media more efficiently and effectively.

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