EDYOU FM becomes first radio station to stream in Kamarang, Region 7.

Written by on March 27, 2023

Tuning the receiver satellite dish

Since its initial broadcast in Georgetown and communities within proximity in June 2022, EDYOU FM has vastly expanded its network reach. From reaching just the capital city and its surroundings, EDYOU FM has a presence in all ten administrative regions of Guyana, with Kamarang, Region 7 -Cuyuni Mazaruni, being the latest community to receive the signal.
Kamarang just became the third village in Guyana to access local radio for the first time, as EDYOU Radio streams on 99.9 FM in the village. In the latter part of 2022, EDYOU Radio also turned on in Kato, Region 8, bringing local radio to that village for the first time. The second village is Kurukabaru which subsequently began picking up the signal.

EDYOU FM Coverage map from Kamarang

  EDYOU FM’s Network Coordinator, Faye Stewart, spoke with a few residents of Kamarang via telephone to get their reaction to local radio. Upon receiving the news of EDYOU Radio in Kamarang, an elated Lemmel Thomas, Toshao of Kamarang Village, who at the time was in Georgetown, immediately contacted the village council to inform them of this new development. Thomas said, “many years ago, we picked up faint signal of foreign stations, but it was never clear enough to understand. Two years ago, we were expecting to have a regional station from NCN but we don’t know what really happened because the station was never set up. But I am happy to hear that radio station is now clear in Kamarang.”

Former headteacher Ganesh Persaud commented, “the only radio station that we used to get here some years ago is the
National Radio station, but [you] had to do all kind of gymnastic to get signal but for the past 20 years, radio signal cut off completely from this area, the entire Upper Mazaruni so the villages dem don’t get it. This signal, though, is very clear, and we can now get our news and music.”

EDYOU FM’s signal is expected to reach riverine communities along the Mazaruni River, such as Paruima, Waramadong, Kako, Jawalla, Phillipai, and Imbamadai, among others benefitting thousands of students and residents alike.

Meanwhile, the station broadcasts primarily educational content in the four core subject areas of Mathematics, Language, Science and Social Studies for the purpose of providing distance education through radio to the most remote parts of Guyana. The station, however, also has several diverse live shows that cover various topics, including but not limited to educational development, women empowerment, Guyanese culture, sports, mental health, entertainment, children, and a litany of others.

EDYOU FM is expected to commence radio distribution to schools in Kamarang and surrounding areas soon.


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