Children’s Mashramani Competition 2023: Love and Unity on display

Written by on February 8, 2023

The Children’s Mashramani Competition 2023 has proven to be a forum for the expression of creativity, learning, and harmony for children from schools throughout Guyana. The Georgetown-leg of the competition, being held at the National Cultural Centre, has seen performances of dancing, singing, and poetry.

From excellently choreographed performances to the beautiful costumes and delivery of rich verses and stanzas, the students have demonstrated a deep appreciation for culture, religion, and theatrics.

Over the last three days, the atmosphere has reverberated elements of unity, and an eagerness to learn, practice, perform, and perfect; a process that was seen and felt among pupils, teachers and parents; and most prominently expressed in the breath-taking performances.

Several schools have been selected to represent Georgetown in the upcoming national competition, which starts next week. Those who are not advancing will return to their schools, families, and communities as ambassadors of learning, teamwork, and dedication; values that are prominently displayed by the Ministry of Education


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