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Written by on May 10, 2024

Celebrating Young Talent: Awards Ceremony for Mashramani Children’s Competitions


Ms. Ronella Harris, Content Coordinator – EDYOU FM

In a joyful gathering today in the NCERD auditorium, Ms. Ronella Harris, the Content Coordinator of EDYOU FM, spearheaded the Ministry of Education’s Children Mashramani Road Parade Awards Ceremony. This event was done to honour the young participants who showcased their talent in the recently concluded Mashramani celebrations. The event brought together awardees, Ministry of Education officials, and special invitees in a celebration of youthful creativity and cultural expression.

Several participants were notably recognized during the awards ceremony. St. Margaret’s Primary and St. Stanislaus College stood out in the Primary and Secondary Bands categories, respectively. Charlestown Secondary excelled in the 14-18 years category for Dramatic Poetry, while Samaya Denny claimed 1st place for individual bands. The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs Hinterland Scholarship Division secured 1st place in the category of other children’s organization bands. Additionally, Regional Education Departments 6, 10, and 4 each received awards in the Regional Bands Category.

The Children’s Mashramani Competitions, which kicked off in January of this year, were meticulously coordinated by the Regional Education Departments across the nation. These competitions encompassed a diverse range of categories, including Dramatic Poetry, Calypso, Masquerade, Dance, Hip-Hop, and Costume. An impressive total of 3,177 eager learners from 716 Nursery, Primary, and Secondary Schools enthusiastically participated in the Regional Children’s Mashramani Competitions in 2024.

The winners from these regional competitions earned the coveted opportunity to compete at the National Children’s Mashramani Competitions held in Georgetown from February 16-17, 2024. The National Finals, spread across two exhilarating days, were hosted at three prestigious venues: The Calypso and Dramatic Poetry competitions took place at the Theatre Guild, while Dance, Masquerade, and Hip-Hop contests unfolded at Queen’s College. Not to be missed was the vibrant Children’s Road Parade, which traversed from Promenade Gardens to the National Park on February 17, 2024.

The Children’s Costume and Road Parade segment of the festivities drew considerable attention, attracting 21 bands from 10 Regional Education Departments. In total, 1,112 spirited revelers brought the streets alive with color, rhythm, and exuberance.

Today’s ceremony, a fitting culmination to this cultural extravaganza, focused on recognizing and rewarding the exceptional talent and dedication displayed by the young participants in the Children’s Costume and Road Parade categories.

Phillip Williams – Head of EDYOU FM

Addressing the esteemed attendees, Mr. Williams expressed gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of Education, acknowledging the invaluable support rendered by individuals and organizations that have championed the Children’s Costume and Road Parade over the years. He announced the Ministry’s intent to establish a tradition of honoring these contributors, commencing with heartfelt appreciation for the enduring support from Banks DIH and Mr. Nelsion Nurse.


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