Theme: Future Directions in Inclusive Education Today, the Special Education Needs (SEN) Unit in collaboration with Childlink Inc., through the “One Life Too” Project, hosted a training workshop at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) for teachers of children with Autism in Special Schools and Mainstream schools. National SEN Officer Ms. Savvie Hopkinson […]

– T0 build teachers’ knowledge when grading and supervising HSB SBA On Tuesday, December 06, 2022 the  Science Unit at the National Center for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) hosted a one-day workshop at the Queen’s College auditorium. This workshop aimed to develop teachers’ competencies and skills when grading and supervising the Human and Social Biology […]

EdYou FM hosted a two-day interdepartmental Radio Broadcast technology training aimed at transferring basic operational knowledge of radio signal transmission and studio operation to more staff of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry’s radio station started a 24-hour broadcast operation early this year, and the department has since expanded. In the interest of sustainability and […]

Sixty-One (61) nursery school teachers from the Georgetown Education District benefitted from a workshop to build their knowledge and improve their skills when delivering content to early learners with dyslexic or dyscalculic tendencies. Dyslexia is a term used to describe someone who has difficulty reading, including reading aloud, while dyscalculia is the impairment in the […]

Sixty-one (61) nursery school teachers participated in a two-day Behaviour Management Workshop to build their knowledge on assessing students’ behaviours and creating a positive learning environment. The workshop held in the auditorium of the National Centre for Educational Resource & Development (NCERD) building Kingston, Georgetown, targeted nursery school teachers from Education District Four (4). The […]

Sixteen (16) teachers from primary schools in Regions Three, Four, Five and Ten today completed a two-week radio scripting and presenting workshop. Under the guidance of veteran broadcaster and communications specialist Dr Rovin Deodat, the Primary School teachers were trained to plan, script and present educational content for radio. The scripts are being produced to […]

Teachers across Guyana are currently participating in a two week workshop aimed at building their skills and knowledge on radio scripting. The workshop which began on October 10, 2022 (Monday) is being hosted by EdYou FM  and facilitated by communications specialist, Dr. Rovin Deodat. Over the two week period, teachers will be exposed to ‘special […]


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