(September 25, 2023) – The Ministry of Education on Monday launched EDpal, an innovative application set to revolutionize the way learners from across the country access educational content at their convenience. This groundbreaking initiative aims to provide a convenient and effective tool for reinforcing learning, reviewing challenging subjects, and improving academic performance, utilizing approved content […]

Karasabai Gets Radio Station for the first time On Tuesday, September 12th, the residents of Karasabai, South Pakaraima, Region 9, woke up to the sound of local radio in their community for the very first time. EDYOU FM had turned on its radio signal in the indigenous community as part of its ongoing efforts to […]

Last week, the Ministry of Education’s Radio Station, Edyou FM, visited the Mabaruma Sub-District of Region One, Barima-Waini, to conduct a series of educational activities. The visit was primarily to host a 5-day workshop for Spanish-speaking learners in the sub-district, which seeks to bridge the language gap between educators and learners in comprehension and expression. […]

EDYOU FM continues to intensify its efforts in creating and producing educational content for distant learners across Guyana. A part of our team is currently in the capital of the Barima Waini Region in the town of Mabaruma, conducting a workshop for Spanish-speaking learners. The aim of the workshop is to assist the learners with […]

The education sector emphasises foreign languages, and the Ministry’s radio station is helping migrant communities around the borders of Guyana through FM broadcasting. EDYOU FM is currently in Mabaruma, Region One focusing on migrant students. The aim is to assist Spanish-speaking learners in integrating into the classroom by improving their English comprehension and expression skills. […]

ANANSI: the spider, the trickster, the man. His tales of cunning and mischief have interested children for generations, from the tales dating back to African folklore in places like Ghana. The stories of Anansi have managed to survive and become a part of Guyanese and Caribbean culture as we know it and, in recent times, […]

EdYou FM’s Broadcasters and Support Staff recently participated in a two-day workshop led by Veteran Radio Broadcaster, Merrano Isaacs. The workshop covered both theoretical concepts and practical applications of best broadcasting practices. This training session was part of EdYou FM’s mandate to improve the distance education service provided to Guyana.

Team EDYOU FM last week visited a few communities in the Upper Mazaruni District to conduct a community sensitization outreach. The team stationed in Kamarang and visited the two villages on the right and left extremes of the district, i.e. Paruima, the only Arekuna community in Guyana and Phillipai, a remote Akawaio village in the […]

A team led by EdYou FM’s Station Manager, Ayanna Waddell, recently facilitated a one-week Radio Script Writing Workshop with teachers from schools across Berbice, Region Six. During the one-week event, the teachers were exposed to unique techniques to construct scripts for listening-only audiences (radio). The scripts produced consisted of educational content based on the Ministry […]

Credit (The Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC) | Supporting teachers’ choice key in Guyana ( Freedom of choice. It’s a seemingly simple notion but this often-elusive concept was one of the key factors behind the VUSSC work done in collaboration with Director Quenita Walrond-Lewis’s team from the National Centre for Educational […]


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