Language is a marker of one’s culture and history. It denotes the origins of the people who live in a territory, whether the territory was colonised and by whom. Language can also indicate the influence of and the relationship between neighbouring countries. Thus, language plays a critical role in shaping and strengthening one’s cultural identity. […]

“In a world where the sky is often mistaken for a limit, let us remember that the stars, they do not heed such boundaries. They shine forth, undeterred by the darkness, a testament to the boundless potential within each of us.” – Anonymous. Shannielle Hoosein Outar, the illustrious Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, […]

In commemoration of World Wildlife Day, The Guyana Wildlife Conservation and Management Commission, in collaboration with the Protected Areas Commission, hosted a fair at the Zoological Park and Wildlife Rescue Centre to highlight the importance of our wildlife. World Wildlife Day is observed on March 3 every year. It is an opportunity to celebrate the […]

The Lethem Business Incubator Centre (LBIC)  -The Home of Small Business Development     The Lethem Business Incubator Centre Still basking in the glory of the Lethem community, amidst rolling hills and fertile plains, we come upon a hub of innovation and opportunity – the Lethem Business Incubator Centre (LBIC) an arm of the Small Business Bureau […]

  Historical Insight In the heart of Guyana’s Region 9, nestled amidst the verdant embrace of nature, lies the village of Kumu. Formerly known as Kumoa, this land bears the rich heritage of the Macushi Tribe, where the spirit of community intertwines with the lush tapestry of tradition. As I embarked on my journey into […]

Hinterland regions will see further improvement in education throughout the year. Plans are already in motion to alleviate a number of issues, including overcrowding particularly in border communities, as well as maintenance of dormitories. This is according to Minister of Education the Honourable Priya Manickchand, as she outlined some of the Ministry’s objectives for regions […]

    Barbara Adams, the first Guyanese female commercial helicopter pilot, is emphasizing the need for increased efforts to encourage women to pursue careers in aviation. Speaking on the Women EmPOWERment programme on EdYOU FM last evening, Adams suggested that aviation education should be introduced at an early stage in secondary schools so that more […]

  In recognition of Women and Girls in Science Day, the Women Empowerment Program welcomed a few of the women and girls who are making strides in the field of STEM in Guyana. These inspiring women are breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, […]

The Women Empowerment program on Tuesday evening interviewed five Queen’s College students who represented Guyana at the inaugural CSF 2023 Caribbean STEM Olympiad walked away with third place (silver medal) and a monetary prize. The students are Zionara Lawrence – Team leader, Aquila Whyte, Nikhel Persaud, Yeshua Hutson and Mahir Rajkumar. ‘Tweak Titans’, as they […]

On Monday, the Women Empowerment hosts, Ramona Luthi and Martina Johnson, had the privilege of interviewing the talented Guyanese-British actress, Dr Letitia Wright on their programme on EdYou FM. Letitia, who is famously known for her lead roles in Black Panther, Wakanda Forever, Silent Twins, and many more, was elated to be visiting her home […]


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