Team EDYOU FM last week visited a few communities in the Upper Mazaruni District to conduct a community sensitization outreach. The team stationed in Kamarang and visited the two villages on the right and left extremes of the district, i.e. Paruima, the only Arekuna community in Guyana and Phillipai, a remote Akawaio village in the […]

Exactly nineteen days after its announcement of radio signal in Kamarang, EDYOU FM, in a groundbreaking move, assumes broadcasting in the remote indigenous village of Kaikan, Region 7 on 99.9 FM. Kaikan is a bordering community along the Wenamu River โ€“ part of the Essequibo River Basin which forms a portion of the international boundary […]

You asked for it and we are delivering. EdYou FM introduces Sunday Simmer with Ann Marie.   Join us every Sunday from 10 hrs. to 12 hrs. for motivational talks, as well as health tips, straight from the medical experts. Catch us on 99.7 FM in Georgetown, 89.9 FM in Ituni, Moruca, Port Kaituma, and […]

_EdYou FM introduces ‘Inside NCERD’ On January 24, 2023, ‘Inside NCERD’ debuted on EdYou FM. The programme, hosted by Faye Stewart, is designed to give the public insight into the work of the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) and how it provides support to teachers and schools across Guyana.

An EdYou FM team visited Region Nine as part of the nationwide outreach, speaking with teachers, students and community members on EdYou FM- the Ministry of Educationโ€™s Radio Station, and how they can take advantage of this fantastic tool.    

Teachers from various primary schools along the Essequibo Coast have embraced EdYou FM. EdYou FM is the Ministry of Educationโ€™s radio station managed by the National Centre for Educational Research and Development (NCERD). This radio station which broadcasts educational content 24/7, was introduced to ensure each child has access to quality education. The teachers said […]

A team from EdYou FM is currently in Region Two, visiting various schools where they are raising awareness on the Ministry of Education radio station, which broadcasts educational content 24/7. The team is being spearheaded by Head of Ed You FM, Mr Phillip Williams. Siriki Primary, Jacklow Primary, Martindale Primary and Marlborough Primary are some […]

  Karasabai is the latest Region 9 location to get EDYOU FM radio signal. On Friday, 7 October, the engineers did their final installations and turned on the signal to the remote village. Karasabai is an indigenous village of Macushi Amerindians in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region of Guyana. The Ministry is making every effort […]

Today residents of the North Pakaraimas are waking up to the music, entertainment, and information broadcasting live from NCERDโ€™s EDYOU FM Kingston, Georgetown location. Kato gets radio broadcast for the first time, strengthening its distance education thrust by ensuring that the same premium quality of education experienced on the coast of Guyana is delivered to […]

Hello Mahdia! EdYou FM is coming your way very soon. Get ready to tune your radios to 99.9 FM for the latest news in Education and wholesome entertainment for the entire family. EdYou FM is currently putting up towers in several hinterland communities across the country to ensure that the Ministry of Education’s radio station […]


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