Celebrating Young Talent: Awards Ceremony for Mashramani Children’s Competitions   In a joyful gathering today in the NCERD auditorium, Ms. Ronella Harris, the Content Coordinator of EDYOU FM, spearheaded the Ministry of Education’s Children Mashramani Road Parade Awards Ceremony. This event was done to honour the young participants who showcased their talent in the recently […]

In today’s world, the spectre of climate change looms large, casting its shadow across every corner of the globe. Its effects are undeniable and often devastating, manifesting in extreme weather events such as droughts, hurricanes (which, notably, are not a direct threat in Guyana), and floods. Yet, amidst the sea of data and facts surrounding […]

On Tuesday 23rd, April 2024, the Literacy Department of Region Four hosted an activity in observance of World Book and Copyright Day. The event, entitled “World of Literacy”, saw scores of students from across the education district, including private schools, gathering at the Lusignan Community Centre Ground to learn about the value of reading. Community-minded […]

UG Hosts Exclusive Music Masterclass with Internationally Acclaimed Musician, Reggie Pittman. Award-winning Jazz Musician Reggie Pittman hosted an exclusive Music Masterclass at the University of Guyana in collaboration with the Artist in Residence Program on Tuesday 9th April, 2024. The event brought together musicians from the Guyana Police Force Band, The Hamilton Family Band, other […]

The Learning Resource Development Unit (LRDU) and the English Language Unit (ELU) of the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) joined with Guyana and the rest of the world in celebrating World Poetry Day on Thursday March 21, 2024. The theme for this year, “Standing on the shoulders of Giants”, encourages us to reflect […]

Language is a marker of one’s culture and history. It denotes the origins of the people who live in a territory, whether the territory was colonised and by whom. Language can also indicate the influence of and the relationship between neighbouring countries. Thus, language plays a critical role in shaping and strengthening one’s cultural identity. […]

EdYou FM, a pioneering force in education and technology, recently launched its first pop-up event called EdCafé. This dynamic concept aims to showcase the Ministry of Education’s products, EdPal and EdYou FM while contributing to the Agricultural development of Schools. The colourful images captured the essence of the event, featuring enthusiastic participants and supporters, reinforcing […]

The National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) has joined other local bodies to show their support for those who survived breast cancer, those who are fighting it and those who lost the battle with this dreaded disease. The walk started at the NCERD’s office in Kingston, Georgetown, and culminated at the Kitty roundabout.   […]

NCERD is currently hosting a three-month Spanish workshop for education officers, staff, and other interested individuals. Both practical and theoretical sessions are being facilitated by Ms. Latoya Atwell, a bilingual educator who has a passion for teaching. During the workshop’s opening ceremony, Phillip Williams, Head of EdYou FM, expressed the station’s commitment to serving the […]

EdYou FM’s Broadcasters and Support Staff recently participated in a two-day workshop led by Veteran Radio Broadcaster, Merrano Isaacs. The workshop covered both theoretical concepts and practical applications of best broadcasting practices. This training session was part of EdYou FM’s mandate to improve the distance education service provided to Guyana.


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