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The Lethem Business Incubator Centre (LBIC)  -The Home of Small Business Development     The Lethem Business Incubator Centre Still basking in the glory of the Lethem community, amidst rolling hills and fertile plains, we come upon a hub of innovation and opportunity – the Lethem Business Incubator Centre (LBIC) an arm of the Small Business Bureau […]

  Historical Insight In the heart of Guyana’s Region 9, nestled amidst the verdant embrace of nature, lies the village of Kumu. Formerly known as Kumoa, this land bears the rich heritage of the Macushi Tribe, where the spirit of community intertwines with the lush tapestry of tradition. As I embarked on my journey into […]

Opinion Piece By: Simeon Browne Life in the Upper Mazaruni District must be an experience to live for, where the air is clean and welcoming to the creative mind. May I tell you about it? I recently visited the region as part of a team from ‘EdYou Fm’, mandated to bring awareness of the Ministry […]


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