Broadcast Technology Workshop a Success

Written by on November 22, 2022

Participants of the Broadcast Technology Workshop

EdYou FM hosted a two-day interdepartmental Radio Broadcast technology training aimed at transferring basic operational knowledge of radio signal transmission and studio operation to more staff of the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry’s radio station started a 24-hour broadcast operation early this year, and the department has since expanded. In the interest of sustainability and general awareness, the department has sought the professional services of the Head of NCN’S Technical team Mr Devon Roberts and MOE’s Contractor, Mr Michael Forde, to conduct training with employees of the Ministry.

Representatives from TVET, Guyana Learning Channel, MIS and the Allied Arts departments benefited and now have a better understanding of the playout console, the relationship between the Kingston station, NCN and the satellite in orbit and how the signal is transmitted to the regions across Guyana.


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