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Opinion Piece By: Simeon Browne Life in the Upper Mazaruni District must be an experience to live for, where the air is clean and welcoming to the creative mind. May I tell you about it? I recently visited the region as part of a team from ‘EdYou Fm’, mandated to bring awareness of the Ministry […]

Team EDYOU FM last week visited a few communities in the Upper Mazaruni District to conduct a community sensitization outreach. The team stationed in Kamarang and visited the two villages on the right and left extremes of the district, i.e. Paruima, the only Arekuna community in Guyana and Phillipai, a remote Akawaio village in the […]

A team led by EdYou FM’s Station Manager, Ayanna Waddell, recently facilitated a one-week Radio Script Writing Workshop with teachers from schools across Berbice, Region Six. During the one-week event, the teachers were exposed to unique techniques to construct scripts for listening-only audiences (radio). The scripts produced consisted of educational content based on the Ministry […]

Credit (The Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC) | Supporting teachers’ choice key in Guyana ( Freedom of choice. It’s a seemingly simple notion but this often-elusive concept was one of the key factors behind the VUSSC work done in collaboration with Director Quenita Walrond-Lewis’s team from the National Centre for Educational […]

The first quarter of 2023 saw EDYOU FM facilitating several schools on tour of its facility. As a result of the influx of schools desirous of visiting the radio station, EDYOU FM is proud to announce the introduction of its ‘Virtual Tour’ on the station’s website,, now available to anyone with access to the […]

Exactly nineteen days after its announcement of radio signal in Kamarang, EDYOU FM, in a groundbreaking move, assumes broadcasting in the remote indigenous village of Kaikan, Region 7 on 99.9 FM. Kaikan is a bordering community along the Wenamu River – part of the Essequibo River Basin which forms a portion of the international boundary […]

Did you know that rinsing your mouth with water right after brushing your teeth can reduce the cleaning power of the toothpaste? According to Dr. Chiquita Forrester, a guest on the Women EmPOWERment programme, it’s best to wait at least 15 to 20 minutes after brushing before rinsing. By doing so, you allow the concentrated […]

Since its initial broadcast in Georgetown and communities within proximity in June 2022, EDYOU FM has vastly expanded its network reach. From reaching just the capital city and its surroundings, EDYOU FM has a presence in all ten administrative regions of Guyana, with Kamarang, Region 7 -Cuyuni Mazaruni, being the latest community to receive the […]

Mrs Gem Rohlehr-Vogt, an English Teacher, Musician, and Poet made her inaugural appearance on the Women EmPOWERment programme last evening to share her vast knowledge of poetry in observance of World Poetry Day 2023. “Miss Rohlehr” as she is widely known across Guyana, said during her more than five decades of teaching and learning, she […]

National Special Education Needs ( SEN) Officer, Ms. Savvie Hopkinson-Hamilton, this afternoon, facilitated an information session to encourage staff of the National Centre for Educational Resource Development ( NCERD) to embrace and accept persons with Down Syndrome. She highlighted that the message of WITH US NOT FOR US speaks to the human rights approach to […]


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