100 Bicycle Drive

Written by on November 26, 2022

EdYou Fm is pleased to feature the work of the office of the DCEO-Amerindian and Hinterland Education Development 


Marti DeSouza with children who walk from Tobago village to Wauna Primary Top

In several hinterland communities across Guyana, there are children who walk for several miles or hours daily to get to school. The office of the DCEO-AHED has embarked on a drive to help 100 children gain easier access to education by providing bicycles.
Several organisations, businesses and individuals, including Rotary Club of Demerara, Team Mohamed’s, Ele’s Trading and Hardware, Dr. Sirpaul Jaikishun, have contributed to the drive thus far. Other items donated included spare parts and helmets. To date, 94 bicycles have been provisioned with learners in schools across Regions 1 and 9, benefiting.

Marti DeSouza – DCEO -AHED

On many of my hinterland visits, I’d meet children or hear stories of children that walk for hours to get to school. Many can’t afford a bicycle. I started the drive off by donating five bikes. I spoke to a few people about the dream of helping 100 less fortunate children, and now it is not just a dream.



Children from the satellites of Nappi who walk to attend Nappi Primary Top

Marti DeSouza with REdO Region 9 and children of Nappi Primary

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